A downloadable game for Windows

Through the power of all our stories, we will overcome.

In a room, empty except for a brick representation of the hated idol:

Hit "Space" and a story-cube appears. Tell your story. Hit "s" to stop.

Your story will begin to loop. The loudness meter will increase.

Hit space again and tell another story. Or better yet, let someone else hit space so they can tell theirs. Again, hit "s" to stop.

That story will loop too. The loudness meter will increase again.

Keep creating story-cubes. Keep bringing others to tell their story. Keep increasing the meter.

Eventually you will no longer be able to understand the stories spoken. Do not try to talk above them as you record more. All stories are equal here.

When your level hits 20, the idol will be defeated.

Install instructions

Requires a microphone. An onboard microphone is fine.


Resist.zip 11 MB